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Zlatan, Sweden, camera and sell some of those Volvos

Volvo has always impressed me by their quality of adverts and the cinematography has always been top notch it captures the great essence of the scandinavian nature and the great emptiness of our introverted lifestyle.

The hysteria around the singing of the national anthem or in which tone he perform it ,isn't really in need of discussion. The racist hate on the web towards the football genius is quite upsetting and shocking. However the interesting note is that the Volvo advert with "Swedish House of Maffia", which also in tailed great icons with ethnicity outside the swedish nation. Was not received with same fashion as the one with Zlatan.

My battle isn't with the individuals behind their computers whom vomits the hate on the youtube comment fields, whom probably would have written something spiteful and degrading even if Zlatan would have been born with swedish parents.

The battle is obviously higher up, but I will not go into depth with social issues, discriminations and political aspects in this country. I only want to focus on the positive aspect of this advert for the moment. Yes this is a man with  serbian parents who is in one of the most substantial adverts in Sweden right now, (this wouldn't happen 5-10 years ago.) But now we are here I can say with no shame that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the most monumental icon in swedish history, he is known wherever he goes. His nationality is of course swedish but ethnicity: serbian and damn proud to die in Sweden. That is for me, the future !



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Location scouting

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We are on the road again for those amazing, cinematic, locations that we yearn for.

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Green screen in a Cliché way

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Oh yes its on! my friends, a pilot for a commercial, Jepser Sanneving does a eclectic mix of roles that are the original and Cliché parts in many movies, fun and work goes hand in hand in a suttle way , hopefully.

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Easter planning for our productions

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Easter is here and we are planning and having some of those delicious eggs.

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UK upgrade me

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Another trip down to the city of London

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Sunrise 6 in the morning

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Breathe pause and check out the sunrise