November 17, 2012No Comments

Attack my couch

Saw this a couple of weeks ago, huge fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If youhaven't seen their movies I suggest you do. Hot Fuzz , Shaun of the Dead, Run fatboy run, Spaced.



October 20, 2012No Comments

Hello world!

Got a new Website hope you like it 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂



July 20, 2012No Comments

All for one or all in one football

Have tried to stray away from football, as I have a huge competitive side to me, hate loosing, in some cases it has taken over my life for the worse. So I stick to half watch or listen to games. My dad and most people who are close to me are huge Man Uni fans,they are playing against Stoke now. Can't do anything else but to watch with one eye, Rooney has been left out this one, to rest his injury, hoping for his best.Went for a run with a runny nose and still coughing but I think I will be ok, time is running and Kuwait is waiting around the corner, have to be in a good shape. 

Think I will watch a no-brainer perhaps Angry bosses later. Oh, forgot woke up, my other alarm was still on. Instinctively I woke up and thought I was late for a shoot at 6 smiley. Always need a back-up , can't miss the plane or any shoots.


June 20, 2012No Comments

Working class act

Want to give credit to anyone and everyone who has to work with me I can be a load, stubborn, I can turn into a little Castro, I want it my way now.

Especially my fellow Producer Jesper he always gives me the biggest smile and a little chuckle and tells : wewil fix this, don't worry we can make it happen.

Talent rises from all the hard work and close relationships we encounter along the way .

June 6, 2012No Comments

Mis taken by my own mistakes

Looking to the future


June 4, 2012No Comments

Ive beeen !

Working on various filmprojects

Having an amazing birthday and sup-rise visit

Went to the lovely and talented Estelle concert with mi sis and my girl Ewelina

Doing some hardcore building and renovation for our new filmstudio, keep an eye out for the premier people 🙂
Chillin and having loud discussions with mi bro and daoog

been mischievous just a couple of times, who hasn't.

Nikita Nox - What Would you do from Vivien Yue on Vimeo.

Premiered my musicvideo with Nikita Nox

January 16, 2012No Comments

Work/Cinema and sleep

Watched the so, so talked about "Girl with the dragon tattoo", as I am a fan of David Fincher , Finches version was much more dark, and the characters were more realistic and individual as supposed to a portrayed mainstream “lesbian” emo/rocker and the mundane writer which could be seen in the Swedish version.

It is quite hard to compare, as they are two very unlike movies, with different approaches to it.

But the incredibly horrible Swedish pronunciations gave Finshe’s work a fall. But overall it is very entertaining, well playes after previous work such as Seven, Fight club and Zodiac.