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Food Commercial

Vivien YueIMG_4932

Saddle your rig, tie your hair make sure your fast and diligent and start shooting. Today we were out shooting a commercial for a huge Supermarket brand! Soon you can take part of the finished result 🙂 Stay tuned

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Production of Storyboards

I’m a bit off with the sketching but I still have each frame in my head, hopefully the clients will understand my rough doodles.

vivien yue

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Interview, reasy set and action

vivien yue

Filming an interview for a company Kim and I are setting up

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Brewery dancers musicians and some good old fun

vivien yue

vivien yue

This weekend we were away at the Helsinborg Brewery shooting a short introduction to the art of Soundpainting, unique fun and eccentric.

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grading, editing, plan and welcome the snow

Deadlines, deadlines, have been quite bad at keeping the blog updated. I have some tiny deadlines that I have to make.

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A new day a new Moneypenny

A new week with new tasks and new relations, got the trailer on grading and sound.  Some  other projects lurking about and some hardcore training. So my little Bruce and I will do some core exercises to strengthen my Chii 😉 .



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Packing my gear ; Lithuania be ready for my arrival

Leaving tomorrow, heading to Lithuania for some location-scouting, excited and curious.



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Om my !