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Food Commercial

Vivien YueIMG_4932

Saddle your rig, tie your hair make sure your fast and diligent and start shooting. Today we were out shooting a commercial for a huge Supermarket brand! Soon you can take part of the finished result 🙂 Stay tuned

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Calvados advert; Production for Kullados

Vivien Yue

Hectic couple of days. This week I filmed an advert for a an Calvados company in Sweden (Calvados is a cider brandy made out of apples). To tell the story, tradition and modernization of the process, we were up early in the morning until late evenings to capture the magnificent landscapes and apple farms of the southern part in SkÄne.

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In front of the lens

_MG_5216 _MG_7160 _MG_7248 _MG_9697

Sometimes I do have the audacity to travel beyond the lens of a Canon and I let myself be captured .Some of these I posed for fellow colleague photographers and some (one) I took myself. Its good to pose infront of the camera from time to time, because at best you do forget the challenge or the uncomfort you have to go through when they say ”act normal infront of the camera”, or pretend where not here or if making a ”love ”scene ” and the camera is rolling and they say make passionate love, while the whole crew is standing here . As a director it often gives you ideas how to approach different actors or models whom are all very different and of course in all differerent stages of their career.
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Location scouting

vivien yue



We are on the road again for those amazing, cinematic, locations that we yearn for.

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Green screen in a Cliché way

vivien yuevivien yue

Oh yes its on! my friends, a pilot for a commercial, Jepser Sanneving does a eclectic mix of roles that are the original and Cliché parts in many movies, fun and work goes hand in hand in a suttle way , hopefully.

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Sunrise 6 in the morning

vivien yue

Breathe pause and check out the sunrise

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Interview, reasy set and action

vivien yue

Filming an interview for a company Kim and I are setting up