Have tried to stray away from football, as I have a huge competitive side to me, hate loosing, in some cases it has taken over my life for the worse. So I stick to half watch or listen to games. My dad and most people who are close to me are huge Man Uni fans,they are playing against Stoke now. Can't do anything else but to watch with one eye, Rooney has been left out this one, to rest his injury, hoping for his best.Went for a run with a runny nose and still coughing but I think I will be ok, time is running and Kuwait is waiting around the corner, have to be in a good shape. 

Think I will watch a no-brainer perhaps Angry bosses later. Oh, forgot woke up, my other alarm was still on. Instinctively I woke up and thought I was late for a shoot at 6 smiley. Always need a back-up , can't miss the plane or any shoots.