As I always say time passes by so quickly, which is why i try to enjoy, every moment of it.

Even the ones that are wrong and sad. I choose to see this say as a fresh new start , past is the past, future is the way ahead and the present is a present wrapped just for you .
I can say that i have done so much this year that I hardly understand it and I can say there are so many things I forgot or I wish I could do, but time and place wasn't right.
Although the economy is falling, poverty is hitting harder then ever and the gap between classes once again is as vast as ever. Taking one step at a time and just have that dream or goal on your head , will take you one step closer, even if it seems impossible. Mind conquers everything in the end.
Its impossible to not be subdued to the cheesy sentimental Christmas holiday spirit. But it is what it is .
So now I am eager to work with more talented people travel more countries and just producing stories, which I hate to admit but it takes us on a journey out of our own day for just those minutes.
So all you out there, show those Maya calenders that we create our own journey and we will make this year as good as any if not better !