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A game that is played by all

Recently we got a project going, we are producing a inspirational short about a team in southern Helsingborg which promotes and helps teens and youngsters with special needs to be able to hang out, chill be sociable and most of all to be able to be part of a football team with great passion and love for the game of course. The first shoot was on a sunny sunday my great friend and producer Jesper was there to hold my hand and help me . Grateful as always I am when he comes and helps me.

VIvien Yue

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Post production of dark music video

We just wrapped up the final stages of post production of our music video, want to thank everyone involved in the project. As always a pleasure to work with new people as well as my own crew. The production time was quite short, almost a week of production.

vivien yue vivien yue

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Script Reading with my crew

Saturday lunch is being served, while part of our assemble, me the producer and author are getting together for a breakdown of the script. We have a lot to do but we did reach a critical point in our production and started to develop the characters further.


Vivien yue

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Studio work for many hours

Deadlines, multi tasking and a whole lot of stress is becoming a daily routine. Bus who’s complaining when you are blessed to work with something that is creative. Hopefully I will stay on point.

Vivien Yue

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Packing requires more power

Fiddling around the studio while unchecking the list of equipment.

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