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Dance Mashup with 3 amazing dancers to the beats of The Weeknd

Vivien Yue

Elenshii from Cubcakecrew och Wanwisa & Oliver from Craycray crew.

Vivien Yue

Elenshii from Cubcakecrew och Wanwisa & Oliver from Craycray crew.


High for an Artist

Creating has always been a passion of mine wether it is music, dance, clothes, art, photography or film. Many objects, scenarios around us can evoke certain thoughts, inspiration or emotions to help us create. One can argue that art and creativeness doesn't contribute to society or our existence. Personally I argue that art or creating  is a powerful tool to share any  sort of expressions. Being a creator or a artist is a way of life way of thinking as any other profession, but it doesn’t mean that the controversial preconceptions of an artist is what qualifies an artist, ie madness, provocative, intoxication, depression etc.

All artists are diverse they all function and produce in various ways and their mindsets are different.

I choose on of my top songs when I’m dry on ideas ”High For This”.

High means your intoxicated. The result of intoxication is euphoria and lowered social inhibitions. Which goes hand in hand when you are a creative state of mind. I argue that the symptoms of intoxication can be caused by the power of answers or solutions that we create. In a painting or in a book there is a an question that we want to answer or if it is a documentary, we wish for the audience to understand point of view to do so, we are in need of creating a story out of facts and deliver it as clear and authentic as possible. When we are in this process ,our minds are in hunger of each pivotal point that leads to the next answer in the story. ( Conclusion to all this is that an artist today 2014 in not in need of artificial intoxication, some might probably need it, but I think we should have more faith in our minds.)

I produced a mashup dance video with three incredible dancers to one of my favourite songs High For this by The Weeknd.

I used the new Arri lights, 3 cameras one 550 D and 2 5D’s.

Stay in tune for the result 🙂