Me myself and ISkapad av Vivien tor, juni 14, 2012 18:40:52

My motto is and has always been You only live once, so I try to embrace every moment and every chance to be able to do things that are fun, cost money and in some perspective perhaps not really that essential for me in life.
But what are the hours we spend at work if we can't spend it on spear of the moment fun with friends or perhaps some new strangers.
I went to see Nicki Minaj, have had her on my Ipod for a while; I recommend it in the gym when you need some hardcore gymmi'n done.

She held the crowd spectacularly; she was very humble and connected to the crowd. Colourful set and some stretched out dancers.

Things that can be prevised as Eccentric, odd and excessive according to us, isn’t necessarily something bad in the world of art, on the contrary might benefit you.