The cheesecake man in the shadows

Now, I will let you in some of my odd stories, because I have been through a couple, and you can decide if they authentic or fictionally.

I will start of with introducing the cheesecake man.

I was out around one in the morning, have had a late night with a friend of mine. I don't like staying over so I thought, I would get the bus home. I walked towards the University entrance, not a person in site. Usually there are people around. I went inside the entrance, just to realise that I missed the last bus.

Sigh, perfect, so I stood there thinking should I just take a cab, while I was concocting an idea , I was being hypnotised by the lights reflecting in the glas doors. I noticed a short asianman approaching me , he entered , looked at me with quite the shady look, to be cruel and a vicious. He kind of looked like the evil old man in the Smurf cartoons.

He was eyeing me in a non discrete way. I hoped that he wouldn't open his mouth. But then it came.


-So. uhmmm so you like cheesecake and tha' ?

- Yes, it's nice

- Well have you tried those marrd cheessecakes with the cheese on top? I Like the ones

with those berries in them and tha'

-Have you tried the New York cheesecake ? with them chocolate thingis in tha'. I ususally sit next to my cheesecake and wait untill it has melted and tha'. You know the cream and stuff have you felt how soft tha is, it's proper soft, I'm tellin you .

-That sounds nice.

-I only share my cheesecakes on special occasions,.


He went on, I discreetly took my phone up called my friend, begged him to pick me up. He came straight away.

He followed me up the road towards the main road, still talking about cheesecake, then he slowly picked up a oiese of cheesecake from his pocket .

I have have it for a while but its still kind of soft, if you know what I mean.

My friend came in his car, I quickly jumped inside.

-Who's this clown?

I told him there is no point of letting him get to him, so we drove away.