Have been talking about making a short about three gypsy famlies for a long time now, have always been drawn to their lifestyle their culture. My interest lies to show these individuals as any other, with needs, passions, dreams and cultivated culture.
They have been in exile forever and still today they outcasts, with no more in value than any object.
Obviously there are rotten apples amongst the beautiful ones, but not more or less to any Italians, French, Hungarian or Swedish people.

I watched a very well filmed documentary of a young Romani gypsy who wants to become a famous director, her inspiration is of course Woody Allen. you can watch it here .

And I leave you with one of my favorite movies made by Emir Kusturica.

And of course a pic of my sassy outfit while I was walking with my dear friend.


Please feel free to comment on my fearless shoes 😉