WorkSkapad av Vivien mån, mars 12, 2012 22:46:58
Came home, knackered, a hungarian comedy from the 1944, it goes to show with less technique the films still have the essence of high quality acting and iconic performances, with a hint of very moody lighting , highly recommended, funny, witty and romantic film.
"Afrikai vőlegény" "the african groom ".

And now to all the action filmed "Got milk " on Sunday wit a lovely crew and some funny moments, I have to admit some times I can get cought inte the little things to make my scene as close to my vision and I feel like I start hitting a giant wall, but it all came together very smoothly, thanks to my amazing crew.

I think I will go to bed , I did a Rocky at the gym , I really though I was eye of the tiger in there, until I kind of had to catch my breath the non swagga way smiley.