To be creative, is a constant search for ways of expression, different strategies to amuse, to chock to impress or to make a statement. But the juxtaposition of art and entertainment in the process of creating has according to me, been hard to follow.

I do wonder, if the creativeness is based on, which it is, if we face the facts, money . Would every person who has an occupation with a creative basis, would they base their creation on the material matter such as money. And or is the “Art” Bohemian wonders of the world who desires to strive against this ideology, would they just create solitarily on their believes that they need to make a statement toward us “sell out” creators who needs to bend the rules a bit, just to make a living?


I don’t know it’s just a thought I had, mainly because I don’t see this “issue” in black and white. I do both, whenever time, passion and the opportunity offer me, I go on and take it and mould it into my vision.