WorkSkapad av Vivien lör, februari 04, 2012 23:11:29

Mr Ali Rashid, award winning producer and Head of Bradford media school. Also my tutor. I was terrifies of him when the third year started, a very unique and wealthy in character. He always used to tell me, "its not the talented or unique people who succeed in life ,Vivi, it is the hard working individuals , Vivi, you have to work hard to achieve anything in life". THen he gave me that serious look, and anticipated a fearfull look in my eyes.
Another thing that rings my ears :
You have to practice your skills not your mouth, you have to grow by your practical work not the theoretical.
Since I started pushing myself into the theater/film world, I've constantly come across talkers, loud speakers, as I call them . But as the seconds passes, I realize, how much of my energy and my ears can handle of that insolent noise, and how much you can evolve by listening to it.
But at the same time I have met some amazing talent, gone through some onece in a lifetime opportunity experiences and I will continue doing that. It's all about taking chances in life, and find whatever is suited to your taste, but its' not an easy road .

So all you really have to do is as Mr Ali said select and deselect information, make your mistakes , be a do'er not a talk'er and progress. Thank you Mr Ali Rashid