I'm home from Kuwait. Even though I'm not a very spiritual person, I believe that in some cases we happen to be in places and live through certain events that are there to reach our ego.

Amongst all my complaints I talked to a worker.

, who is from India, he has been working at the plant for 21 years, he mets his wife and three kids once a year for two months. Salary not that high. , and I ought to tell you that place is not the one you plant your eyes on in CSI.

The workers on the ship are not aloud to enter Kuwait so they stay on the ship for about five months.

Anyway my point is Swedish people are known to be unappreciative, whining goons, and I often fill that category.

So now I will wrap it up with an American ending, Kuwait, has very nice working class people the indian, philippines Bangladeshi workers, they are curious and they have the most upbeat smile and approach that just makes you want to laugh with them.

Markets are one of my favourite things, fresh fish, cheap clothes, fresh coffee and haggling workers. Lebanese food and shisha 😉