Interesting how the mind and thought-process works, I guess we all do think of work constantly, because we are subjected to it and because it is a huge part of our lives. Started counting in my head how many times I think of work in a day. Found out that it is essentially ninety percent of my daily thought-process drives towards work.

Met up with my producer I call him my producer because he really is my own little producer. I parked the car and he came straight at me with an idea a very controversial idea. Love it when he comes to me with ideas and has that little spark in his eyes, you know the one kids have when they get proper exited about something that really cool and new. Funny though, not everybody has that authentic expression, as you get older you kind of loose that. Anyway he came at me with an idea for a script and as he told me the idea , very detailed by the way. All I see now, is framed shots , see them in the shower in the gym, walking the dog and in my sleep .

Which brings me to a question is it ok to think about work most of the time, or is that obsessive, would people of great accomplishment not be able to achieve their discoveries or create their remarkable foundations if they didn’t have work as their first priority, just a thought .