It's a universally known fact that we instinctively as humans overlook, what we don't posses at present time. But I can honestly say that I miss working in UK, the people and the social-working ethics and dynamics are so much more suited to me.Sweden is known for being very introvert, going by the book and being to nosy for their own good. But then again the English are known for beers, aggressive fans and bad teeth. Misconceptions with a bitsy hint of truthsmileyYesterday I read a script my Fellow of producer handed me, I might co-direct the last scene will see. Looking forward to it. Working with different people is a passion mine.
Old picture from a short.

  • Eccentric and passionate film maker. My speciality are shorts, fiction and humorous adds. Also a huge film nerd, and a geeky oldschoold animation and music addict. Dancing is what I do every second when I'm not filming.