A dinar for a dime, getting used to this byrocratic country, with the ambition to only amuse the moustache on their gob.The country rests only on the oil that it posses, but hoe long will their be oil, unfortunately I have to say some people are just happy and content to just exists an sit from one chair to another, and letting their mundane days pass by.It's getting used to it and trying to do your work that is simply a pain in your ass.

Got stopped the other day by an officer on the street, next to him was his translator in a white gown. He kept annunciation a word to my face , and I tried to make out, what he wanted. After about the fourth try he placed his wrists against eachother to indicate that I would be placed in jail.

I told him sorry but I can't understand a word your saying.

He answer was of course in arabic. After perhaps the fifth attempt I was modestly attempted to just tell him to grow up, and stop playing Universal soldiers.

Not a good idea, so I did the most rational thing that popped in my head.

I flipped my passport in his face along with my Visa permit, he hardly looked at it and replied " Where you from" it was of course stated in my passport, but he insisted asking. WHere you from, how long your here?

I said Sweden, the other "officer" replied how long you working here" I said I'm going home tomorrow.

Apparently not having your pass and permit on you at all time is an hazzard, but when you hand it to the officer don't expect them to check the passport or the visa.

Perhaps its just a humorous emotion to show power, just for the sake of it.