Watching TopGear with my brother at the moment, after work I went through a self- assessment phase. I never liked the idea of being owned by people, companies or anything who's in need of telling me when to do what and how I should think.

Of course there are moments when you should stop and just listen to the advice that is given to you . My so called mentor or that is how he refers himself as. Turned around and forced me to only create to his benefit, his tone was inevitably condescending and obvious. In my head I knew exactly what he was going to say. I'm no Bergman or Fellini, but I l like to think that I have the right to pitch or share my ideas to whomever I want, and I like to keep it that way. The words: well everybody else here, doesn't exist to me. if it's like that then I am the exception. I like to think that your ideas your creativity belongs to nobody, it just becomes an expression from thoughts. Owning it will only destroy the process of creation. Not to be dramatic, I'm simply stating my thoughts.